Probing Thin-film Materials (Recorded Webinar)

This webinar focuses on thin film coatings. In this webinar we will look at a number of applications including forensic studies, graphene, multi-layered glass, coated fabrics and photovoltaics.

From ultra-thin coatings of a few nanometres, to thicker multi-layered samples, surface analysis can be used to investigate both chemistry and conformity; in particular XPS in conjunction with depth profiling is proving an increasingly important tool across this wide range of applications.

Ultra-thin coatings, such as graphene, can be investigated using angle-dependent XPS experiments, which utilize the surface selectivity of XPS to investigate at atomic level thicknesses. Thicker layered systems can be probed using XPS in conjunction with either monatomic ion sources or newly-developed gas cluster ion sources, such as the Thermo Scientific™ MAGCIS™ dual mode ion source, which allows sensitive materials to be depth profiled without altering their chemistry.