SampleManager LIMS

Thermo Scientific SampleManager is a fully integrated laboratory platform encompassing laboratory information management (LIMS), scientific data management (SDMS) and lab execution (LES).

SampleManager can be connected to our customers' existing informatics infrastructures, regardless of which or how many instrument vendors they use. This enables labs to execute and manage all their laboratory processes easily, with the data rigor and intelligence that laboratory management requires to drive efficiency and profitiability lab- and business-wide.

SampleManager's tightly integrated informatics platform now features more intuitive dashboards and an enhanced Statistical Quality Control (SQC) capability designed to detect nonconformance trending before it reaches pre-defined thresholds.

For pharmaceutical QA/QC labs, enhanced SampleManager Stability improves study management, substudy execution and planning and maintenance of study inventory. SampleManager also automatically calculates the expiration date throughout a study to verify label claims.

SampleManager's workflow technology simplifies system configuration to meet the laboratory's needs today and in the future, optimizing the informatics investment and enabling comprehensive integration with enterprise systems across the business. SampleManager is a fully integrated informatics solution for today's modern laboratory.

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Integrated Informatics

Laboratories worldwide seeking a single, integrated informatics platform can now standardize on one comprehensive laboratory information management system (LIMS).

SampleManager now encompasses LIMS, LES and SDMS functionality so that laboratories no longer need to purchase, implement, validate and support software packages from multiple vendors. The significant cost savings can instead be invested back into the business to drive new innovation.

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NEW Thermo Scientific Lab Execution System

SampleManager LIMS Delivers a Complete Informatics Solution For Method Execution, Laboratory and Data Management

Addressing the increasing pressures to improve time to market, ensure compliance and realize cost savings in QA/QC and analytical labs, the new Thermo Scientific Lab Execution System (LES) gives lab managers complete control to manage their own methods and SOPs, without the need to purchase, integrate and validate additional software from multiple vendors. The new LES is web-based, built on and fully integrated with the Thermo Scientific enterprise-level LIMS platform, allowing for the LES functionality to be executed from the LIMS or from any web browser.

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View Press Release - Thermo Scientific Lab Execution System

Checklist for SampleManager

Here's what you can expect from an Integrated Informatics Solution.

♦ Control of methods and SOPs, changing workflows and continuous sample tracking with built-in Laboratory Execution System.

♦ Full Integration with all instruments for centralized data capture, access, visualization, retrieval and reporting with built-in Integration Manager.

♦ Connectivity and Integration to all existing enterprise systems – on-site or remote.

♦ Built-in Regulatory Compliance Reporting for FDA 21 part 11,
ISO 17025, ISO 22000, ISO 14001.

♦ Access to retrieve, visualize, share and store raw instrument data with Scientific Data Management System.

♦ Detect non-conformance trending before it reaches pre-defined thresholds with Statistical Quality Control (SQC).

♦ Improve Pharma QA/QC study management, substudy execution and planning and maintenance of study inventory with SampleManager Stability.

♦ Simplified system configuration with SampleManager's patented workflow technology, meeting the lab's challenges today and into the future.

SampleManager LIMS Features

Workflow and Lifecycles

Workflow configuration is easier for users to design, with intuitive shortcuts for node manipulation, drag and drop functions, and multiple workflow types.


Decisions about splitting and merging aliquots and samples can be predefined at login, at login based on new criteria, during processing, or on an ad-hoc basis.

Multi Sample Login

Simplified Sample Login user interface provides easy access to frequently used functions, enables finer control over samples and more reliable data.


Files, web links and text notes can be associated with any entity, stored and uploaded to a configurable secure location for industry and regulatory compliance.


Key-word based data mining and tracking capabilities allow users to browse and search with user defined toolbars, shortcut keys and Explorer-conditional formatting.


Users design their own dashboards using built-in visual controls and designer capabilities.


Case Studies

The World's Largest Gas to Liquids Facility Runs on Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS (PDF, 401 KB) Pearl GTL turned to Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS, to manage, analyze and integrate the data that keeps this facility functioning securely and efficiently.

Sakhalin Energy Utilizes Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS for Largest Russian LNG Project Ever (PDF, 5.17 MB) Sakhalin Energy standardizes on SampleManager LIMS for use in one of the largest integrated oil and gas projects in the world

SampleManager LIMS at Pemex (PDF, 353 KB) The Real Benefits of Standardizing on a Single LIMS in the Gas and Petroleum Industry

SampleManager LIMS at Sinopec Guangzhou (PDF, 200 KB) Implementation of SampleManager LIMS at Sinopec Guangzhou

Codelco Selects SampleManager LIMS (PDF, 187 KB) Case study of SampleManager LIMS at the world's largest copper mine.