Download our K-Alpha+ XPS Brochure

Bridging the requirements of both research laboratories and routine XPS analysis, the Thermo Scientific™ K-Alpha™+ XPS spectrometer provides cutting edge performance and advanced capabilities. Intuitive instrument operation makes it possible to put the K-Alpha+ spectrometer into a multi-user, shared facility, allowing operators of all skill levels to add surface analysis to their materials analysis portfolio.

High Performance Spectroscopy

  • Low power, high performance X-ray monochromator
  • High efficiency electron lens, hemispherical analyzer and multi-channel detector

Chemical State Imaging

  • Investigates small features to imaging samples sized as large as the stage platen
  • Overlay XPS maps with stored camera images

Insulator Analysis

  • Single-click charge compensation system
  • Patented dual-beam flood source

Depth Profiling

  • Dual mode monatomic and gas cluster ion source
  • Automated source optimization and gas handling

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