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Thermo Scientific Cryostar NX70 – A revolution in frozen sectioning


Designed with operator needs in mind, the revolutionary ergonomics and responsive operation of the Cryostar NX70 cryostat delivers the ultimate performance in the generation of frozen tissue sections for histological analysis.

Rapid response temperature control
Precise temperature regulation is a significant factor in achieving high quality frozen sections, requiring accurate temperature control, especially for components in direct contact with the tissue sample.
Unlike traditional cryostats which regulate the temperature by cooling the whole of the cryochamber, the Cryostar NX70 limits active cooling to the specimen holder, blade holder and cryobar, giving a 3-fold benefit when sectioning frozen specimens.

  1. More efficient temperature adjustment
  2. Improvements in sectioning quality
  3. Reduction in operator fatigue by decreasing exposure to very low temperatures

Pioneering Ergonomic Design
Laboratory requirements for frozen sectioning often means technicians can spend many hours working at the cryostat. The Cryostar NX70 has been designed with a number of features to maximise operator comfort, including a body contoured band, height adjustable cryochamber and integrated arm rest controls to eliminate the back and neck strain associated with cryostat operation.

Advanced Safety Features
Priority has been given to protecting both technical staff and precious tissue samples from accidental damage. Simple tools such as finger guards, magnetic blade removers and highly visible stop buttons combine with advanced starting mechanisms to limit any unintentional contact with the microtome blade. Certified Cold D disinfection and vacutome options reduce the risk of occupational exposure to biological pathogens from contaminated tissue samples.


2. Intuitive LED touchscreen
Simple adjustment of sectioning parameters

4. Cold D Disinfection
Rapid 50 minute disinfection cycle minimises cryostat downtime whilst protecting the operator from the risk of occupational exposure to biological pathogens


1. Joystick control
Coarse advance speed, section thickness adjustment and rapid switching between trim and section functions

8. Operator Safety
Emergency stop, manual and electronic braking and unique “double tap” start button ensures only intentional operation when sectioning, protecting the technician and the specimen from accidental damage

3. Rapid Response temperature control

Active cooling of blade holder, specimen holder and fast-freeze cryobar delivers fast and accurate temperature adjustment and control

5. Choice of Sectioning Mode
4 mechanised cutting modes with light-touch rotary flywheel for technicians who prefer to section manually


7. Integrated Height Adjustment
Chamber height can be rapidly altered at the touch of a button between 82cm -112cm permitting safe and comfortable operation from either a seated or standing position


6. Body Contoured Panel
Allows the technician to reach all areas of the cryochamber without stretching